Company Profile

A company founded in 1974 for the production of coated fabrics used in the fine arts, a sector in which we have achieved a high specialization and quality producing canvases for painters conforming to the needs of each genre, since we have a sample book that contains the various types of articles. Over the years, we have specialized in coating various types of fabric such as cotton, hemp, jute and linen, using a recipe that has remained effective over time. Gencla srl is a leader in Italy and abroad and mainly supplies wholesalers and manufacturers, placing its experience at their disposal and providing extremely rapid deliveries and careful quality control.

  • Production of canvases for painters
  • Production of coated fabrics
  • Canvases for painters
  • Canvases for paintings
  • Coating of fabrics and textile products
  • Coating of various types of fabrics